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2016 AB Varsity Football

Acton Boxborough Colonials vs. Haverhill Hillies


These are scores at end of quarter:


                   Q1                 Q2            Q3             Final         


AB              7                    7               13               13          

HH              7                  21               21               33




1st: AB struck first with quarterback Liam Murray throwing a 20 yard pass to Mathelier Didier for an AB touchdown at 6:41 of the first. Connor Cates extra point was good. AB – 7 and HH 0.  Haverhill QB Brougham McGovern rolls right and threw a 50 yard pass to Jukka Morales while under excellent coverage for a touchdown at 3:45 of the first. Extra point is good. AB 7 and HH 7


2nd: Jason Tufts took the ball in for a touchdown at 1:28 – AB 7 and HH 14.  QB Brougham threw a 55 yard pass with no time left for a touchdown to Aaron Brooks. Extra point was good.  AB7 and HH 21


3rd: AB fumble recovery caused by Cal Sullivan lead to a screen between Fin Murray and Jack Maddux for a 25 yard gain which brought the ball to the 15. Kyle Camposano ran the ball to the  yard line. Next play Camposano runs the ball in. AB attempts a 2 point conversion which is defended in coverage. AB 13 and HH 21


4th: AB pass intercepted by Aaron Brooks and ran back to AB 20 yard line. Followed by a 20 yard pass from McGovern to Santiago at 7:35 for a tough down. The extra point was blocked. AB 13 and HH 27.  Keshaun Watson ran for a touchdown which was called back for holding. A few plays later Watson scores from the five on a run play at 1:30 of the first. The extra point was blocked. AB 13 and HH 33 Final

Acton Boxborough Colonials vs.Cambridge Rindge and Latin Falcons


Final Score: Acton-Boxborough 37   Cambridge 14


End of 1st Qtr  AB 7  and Cambridge 0

End of 2nd Qtr: AB 17 and Cambridge 0

End of 3rd Qtr: AB 31 and Camb 0

Final score: AB 37 and Camb 14


On a beautiful fall night AB opened up a running game for a touchdown run by Connor Cates at 6:22 of the first. 7- 0 AB.


In the 2nd quarter AB marched down the field only to have a goal line stance hold by Cambridge to stop a tough down. With 7 minutes left in the quarter Kyle Camposano hauled off a 60 yard run for a touch down which was followed up by a successful extra point by Connor Cates 14-0.  In their next posession AB kicker Connor Cates knocked in a field goal for a 17 – 0 lead. At the end of the quarter AB tried to force in a pass play which was picked off by 83 Daniel Rymer of Cambridge and he ran it back to the 1 yard line. It was however called back because of penalty. 17 – 0 at the half due to only 33 offensive yards for Cambridge.


At 7:14 in the 3rd Cal Sullivan ran in an AB touchdown with a follow-up Connor Cates extra point. AB 24 – Cambridge 0. Minutes later at 3:05 left, Fin Murray ran in a touchdown on a quarterback keep for an AB touchdown. Connor Cates extra point is good. AB 31 – 0.


With 10 seconds left in the 3rd, Cambridge number 83 Daniel Rymer caught a 33 yard pass from quarterback Andre Domond. The extra point was no good. AB 31 and Cambridge 6.


In the fourth the Colonials struck first with a touchdown by John Arsenault at 4:25 left. AB 37 and Cambridge 6. Just two minutes later Cambridge number 6 Jovan Montina scored a touchdown and Cambridge scored on a two point conversion. AB 37 and Cambridge 14 final.   



Acton Boxborough Colonials vs. Waltham Hawks


Final Score: Acton Boxborough 34      Waltham 8


First quarter: AB received and was forced to punt but faked the punt and #22 Captain Connor Cates ran 55 yards to the 2 yard line. Next play was a 2 yard run by Connor Cates for the touchdown at 8:49 of the 1st. Connor Cates also kicked the extra point for a 7-0 AB lead at 8:44 of the first. At 3:36 of the first, Acton Boxborough #21 Kyle Camposano takes a six yard run in for a touch down. The extra point by Connor Cates was successful. AB 14 and Waltham 0.  With 1:31 of the first left a Waltham punt was blocked and recovered by AB player #30 Jack Durken at the Waltham 11 yard line. Quarterback Finn Murry ran the ball to the four yard line and it was taken in on the next play by AB #21 Kyle Camposano with 49 seconds left in the first. Connor Cates extra point attempt was no good. 


Second quarter: Another Waltham punt was blocked at the 12 and AB recovered the ball and moved it to the 1/2 yard line. Quarterback #10 Finn Murray ran it in for a touchdown at 10:40 on the quarter. The extra point by Connor Cates was good and Acton Boxborough increased the lead to 27 to 0. AB defensive player Liam Murray sacked the Waltham quarterback at 9:25 which lead to AB taking possession in good field position. AB #21 Kyle Camposano had a 12 yard touchdown run with 8:31 left. Connor Cates was successful with the extra point attempt. Score is AB 34 and Waltham 0. 


Third quarter: Waltham received the kickoff and had a nice return which was impacted by penalties. Ultimately they moved the ball to the Colonials five yard line by #9 Antonio DiGenova. Waltham quarterback Jonathan Coates threw a pass to #9 Antonio DiGenova for a touchdown which was called back because of offensive pass interference. In the same series, at 7:15 of the third quarter, Waltham #6 Kyle Torres caught a sideline pass for a touchdown. The executed a two point conversion by John Coates for two points. Score was 34 - 8 which is how it will end. .  

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